Where can I get a Twitter button that doesn't move?

You know those Twitter buttons that you see on the left or right side of a web page that stay in place even when you scroll? Where can I get one of those along with the code that explains where the code is placed? Something like this: http://ohmydogblog.com/ But I want to be able to view the different buttons, not copy from this site.

Thanks, Stomme. I’m using IE8, so that didn’t show up. I have no idea why you’d need Flash for a Twitter button. I’m still searching just for the right button.

In any case if the twitter button you see is where my screenshot shows the Flash thing, the CSS you want should be the same regardless. You want that CSS, just with a normal image and not a Flash button :confused:

You don’t need flash but they used a flash object that says “Follow Me” that sits in the lower left corner in blue it’s probably something they just downloaded without though to whether it was an standard image or Flash.

Possibly something like: http://www.twitterbuttons.com/ is where you might find one I personally don’t know. But CSS and an image is all you really need.

You mean where I see a “Please get Flash player”?

I notice it’s fixed. All you really need is position: fixed on whatever HTML is holding the button, really.