Where can I find useful plugins for vBulletin forum?

I am running my social forum on vBulletin platform. The forum is about everything, that’s why I call it “social”. Just wondering if there any kind of “cool” plugins that I can buy? For example, one of the features that I need will be a star rating, kind of rich snippets for example. Not just simple like button. I would also like to have like and dislike buttons as well besides stars. Not sure where I can find these plugins or if anyone offers these code mods (not sure what vBulletin calling these).

Hi @Gossips welcome to the forums. It’s an obvious question but have you googled vbulletin plugins? There seem to several around - whether they’re cool or not, I can’t tell…

There are lots of plugins are available on wordpress you may use of them

Are you saying that Wordpress plug-ins are compatible with vBulletin? Or did you misread the question?

Johnsid do you know the difference between wordpress and vBulletin?

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gandalf458, thanks a lot brother, hope you making it! I am in the same boat with my forum…

I am looking for a developer or a web site that sell packaged plug ins. Do you know anybody who can help?

Have you looked at:


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