Where can i find this landing page when the form is submitted?

<div class="idx-default-login-positioner">

    <div class="idx-default-login-wrapper" id="IdxRegister">

        <span class="idx-form-close"><a>&times;</a></span>

        <div class="idx-default-login-header"><h2>Register</h2></div>

        <div class="idx-reg-form-response"></div>

        <div class="idx-default-login-form-wrapper">

            <form id="idx-register">

                <div class="idx-default-form-field"><input class="idx-login-field" type="text" id="form-firstname" placeholder="First Name" value="Sandy" required /></div>

                <div class="idx-default-form-field"><input class="idx-login-field" type="text" id="form-lastname" placeholder="Last Name" value="Mouse" required /></div>

                <input type="hidden" id="form-reason" value="{reason}" />

                <input type="hidden" id="form-target" value="{target}" />

                <div class="idx-default-form-field"><button type="submit" id="idx-do-register" class="idx-default-login-button">Register</button></div>

On this form the Register submit button in last line is called “Register” and it had a form with the id=“idx-register”
I assume when clicked the form will be submitted to where ever it says at “idx-register”

Does anyone know how to find the landing place so I can find out what exactly is happening to this form on submit… I have searched the entire hard drive for the term “idx-register” with not luck… is there another way to skin this turkey?
I have also searched the entire program for “idx-do-register” which is where I think all the action is happening…
I am guessing since the form has an id=idx-register" does that mean it goes to a function idx-register for the action" I have searched for anything like idx-register and it only finds it in the form.

<form id="idx-register">

Thank you.

There can be an event attached to all form elements or all submit buttons on the page, not just to specific ids or classes. You would need to look at the javascript for the page to see if there’s any such general selectors.

There is a hidden id=“form-target” field that looks like it is getting its value through a template tag, e.g. the {target}. Looking at this value in the browser may tell you where the form will be submitted to.

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I suggest you search the code, including any linked JavaScript (.js) files, for “action” (without quotation marks).

Using your browser’s developer tools should enable you to work out what happens after the submit button is clicked.

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Does it land back at the page itself?

“If action is set to "" or if the action attribute is missing, the form submits to itself. That is, if your script is index.php , your form submits to index.php .”

When there is no action the form defaults to sending the form to the same page that its on.

However, scripting can overrule that, and submit the page to somewhere else instead. The scripting code attached to the submit event of the form would need to be investigated to determine what occurs there.

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Thanks Paul… but as we know nowadays there is rarely an action in a form it most times left off and the submit button usually takes it to one of the onClick or id in the submit lineup.Gone are the days when action=“myfile.php which is so easy to find… no more…I have studied chrome tools and there is no indication of where it goes from there for processing… I was surprised on a fullblown search of the entire code none of the id w/o quotes showed up… The form is identified as form id=” idx-register" and inline with the submit button is id="idx-do-register: but none of those show up in a thorough search… There must be some way to track it down… maybe a php backtrace would help… but not sure it would work here … Is there such a thing as a js backtrace… LOL
My experience is that with no action it rarely defaults to same page its on due to stuff like return false: and other stuff… It has to go to a new page since on submit it immediate sends an email and a text to you with a code then slides open a box on the form for you to insert the 4 digit pin they sent you. I can see all that in the code… success with pin and etc… but still not showing me the processing code… guess i will have to keep searching the code to find it… but now adays it jumps all over the place and nearly impossible to follow the code more than a few steps…

Thanks mabismad… nope its pretty sneaky the url in the browser never changes… the form is being told to not change url…somewhere in the code… Thanks for the suggestion

No reason to suspect it lands on itself as it goes off and does a lot of stuff… like sending emails and text…I have found part of it… but not where it processes the data… form remains on screen while it works in the background… Thanks Pepster64.

I have spent a lot of time trying to find a link via Chrome tools but no luck yet…I will keep trying…
Thanks Archibald.

Have you tried seaching for “action” (without quotation marks), including in any linked .js files?

If you use Developer Tools in Firefox and inspect the button, do you see “event” (without quotation marks) as on the right below? If so, click on “event” to find out what function is executed (even if it’s within a linked .js file).

Since the page doesn’t change, ajax is being used to submit the data (or a bunch of redirects.) The browser’s developer tools network tab will show the url and the request/response for any new requests.

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I did try removing the two hidden lines that refer to target and it had no effect at all that is a decison made in the program but does not affect where the program that is run when I click…
Thanks for the suggestion.

Had not thought about checking the net work tab for clues… Thanks will try that…

Answers will be much more quickly available when one of us can have a dig through the page.

If Ajax is being used, I would not expect to see an HTML form element, especialy not a form element with hidden fields. Is my expectation realistic?

Ok i tried the developer tools and the network tab showed it went to

So i have to assume that the form was sent with a post to wp-admin/admin-ajax.php…
I could go into admin-ajax.php i think an capture the incoming post and I assue it will have all the fields… and if my memory serves me rigiht admin-ajax simply processes it and send it back to the person who sent it to them… and in the post you would normally include a url that you want it sent back to…then if i find that landing spot i should be able then to track it pretty much…
Its easy for me to setup to trap the incoming ajax post since my site is blocked for all traffic but me… so won;t have to worry about a ton of other folks popping into the admin-ajax.php
Thanks you have given me some ideas… will let you know how it goes…
I have not used the Network panel very much but now I will in the futher… a wealth of info there.

Not sure what you mean… I have never used one of those in the sky progam that allows everyone to look at it… What do you have in mind… if i can set anything up better for you I am all ears… as this is important to me… thanks…

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