Where can I find the best programming tutorials?

I want to learn php, c++ and java. does anyone know any
good sources of video tutorials?

I know mark virtue is good for c++ but what else is available?

I always recommend books over online tutorials. My favourite series (especially if you are beginner) are the for Dummies series.

The best video tutorials are at lynda.com

I personally recommend face-to-face training if you’re new to programming world. It took me a year to understand how programming works (started with BASIC). If you don’t have a degree then why not take a course? Even if you don’t want to get a degree then just take couple of course from community college. Once you got the concept then learning from the book is the best. My personal fav is “In Action” books.

Get some good books from amazon will help, for PHP I recommend Matt zandstra’s PHP Object, patterns and practices.

You can refer book” Yourself: Neuro-linguistic Programming in a Week “This book will help you in getting good information about PHP.

Books are always good to have, but I also found several sites – look at w3schools.com - they have turorial and reference pages for (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL and more. (I have them bookmarked for quick reference.)

According to me you Learn Street is the best programming tutorial as it is for the impatient learners,it includes JavaScript, Python, Ruby and it is easy to learn fast from here.I hope you will be satisfied by the answer.