Where can I find free uncopyrighted videos for my advertisements?

I’m creating advertisements for social media, but I am in need of extra video footage to basically paint the picture for my audience. I cannot currently shoot my own videos because my cameras are getting fixed. I’ve been looking around, but all I’m able to really find are videos of scenery. Where can I find great uncopyrighted footage for free to paint the following pictures:

  1. Someone struggling with a computer issue.
  2. A jogger.
  3. A family in their new home.
  4. A person skydiving.
  5. Students in college.


I don’t think there is such a thing as “uncopyrighted” but with luck you should be able to find videos that you can legally use. You’ll need to read terms and conditions.

These SitePoint articles reference “background” video sites


But I’m guessing the five referenced in this article are more what you’re looking for.


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