Where can i buy flash and java games for my site?

Interested in purchasing a few games, anyone knows where i can get them?


Id be interesting in selling a licence for this game I built:


Please PM me if your interested in more details.


Nice Game there Charlie!!

Also, Mayhem, you can check out www.miniclip.com. They have lots of Flash & ShockWave games which you can put on your website free of cost.

I know about miniclips but they have so many links to their sites in the game also most are just demos. I want to buy the games and brand them as mine.

Yes thats a nice game…will pm you.

not most are demo but yes, quite a few are.
if you want to buy them & brand them as yours then also you can contact them.

Also, as for that, I don’t any one site that provides many games but you can find many multimedia solution companies offering custom game development. However you’ll have a tough time finding a website that has premade games for sale.
Games are generally made either on order.

thanks :slight_smile:

I think www.clevermedia.com does re-branding of their games.

Quite basic games but amusing all the same.

i could do flash programming of games for you, here is a sample game that ive been working on, there are only 5 levels so if you try to go on after that nothing will happen :p, http://magmastudios.elixant.com/emoticon/ let me know how much youd be willing to spend.
IM: codyrockx3
MSN: codyrockx@hotmail.com
Email: codyrock@magmastudios.elixant.com

I checked clevermedia they charge per yearly basis, thats a crappy deal. I want to by games, not take it as rent.


You can download a single player bingo game with speech synthesis (Shockwave) for free from http://www.prowagersystems.com/lite.asp . There is no charge for this game, and it allows you to call any webpage you like when a player wins or loses, allowing you to hook it into your database. You can also rotate your banners right on the game screen between games. I’m releasing other ‘lite’ (aka free) games soon.

There are a few sites out there that sell flash games cheap (e-design.co.uk I believe is one URL) where the games average around $200. But most game companies want you to pay recurring licensing fees of around $300/year for simple games, which kind of irritates me, which is why I’m creating a series of games that webmasters can use for free (commercial OR non-commercial use).


I have come across a game site called www.games.org some times back. They were offering games dowload too on request. Just cant remeber the article now…