Where Are All The Animated CSS Login Form Samples?


Searching we come across many login and registration css templates with html5.
But they all they do not all have all the items (text box, radio button, checkbox, dropdown). They either have 2 of these or 3 but not all types. And the ones that have all do not look cool and look plain simple.
Must not be bootstrap. Not interested in being dependant on Twitter template. Must be Mobile Responsive Form though.
Therefore, if you know of any or come across any cool looking ones that have all the 4 items then let me know. The more flashy looking they are with animation the better. I mean nice looking and motiony. Look at this one for example:

Click the “Signup” and “Sign In” buttons and see what happens with the animation.
That one unfortunately does not have all 4 items.

If you know of any tool that can build these forms then recommend. Just remeber, not interested in JotForms and the like as they are service and the forms are hosted on their servers. I want them to be hosted on my website.

Anyway, I’m searching. Currently on this page:

That is an example what I am looking for when I mean cool looking ones.
If it has images or videos or animations as it’s background then the cooler!

Ok, you maybe wondering why should a login form have radio buttons and checkboxes ? Ok, a reg form has these. For example when asking for gender they have radio buttons. When asking for optin permission they offer newsletter subscriptions etc through checkboxes. When asking for country, they have dropdowns.

I found dribbble.com. Just sent them the following message as I am confused to what they really are.


What is dribble ?
Is it a forum/social network where users share codes with each other ?
I’m interested in finding cool flashy looking reg-login forms. Css, Html5, Animations, etc.
Like these:

Are they free ?
So, I just signup and download for free the ones I like ? Yes ?
Are they copyrighted ? Do we have to pay royalties if we modify the templates ?
They are Mobile Responsive templates for all devices, yes ?"

Nowadays most websites are not self explanatory and confusing.
This website seems to be a paid template service:
But they seem to be showcasing sample codes on that page. I wonder if we’re allowed to grab them and modify them or not without signing upto them or buying their paid templates/services. Mmm! What do you think ?

EDIT: I think they are offering free sample templates.

I am searching for these keywords on startpage.com but not much luck finding what I want:

responsive registration form with checkbox, radio button and drop down AND 2019 -plugin -bootstrap -wordpress -wp -word press

Can you think of better search terms ?

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