When's the last time you went to a blog site intentionally?

Maybe I’m jaded.
Maybe I’m just out of touch.

But I have never gone to a blog site intentionally. I don’t browse them, I don’t go looking through them for new tips or tricks…

They’ve been ‘SEO tools’ (Read: Garbage grounds) for so long, that they’ve lost any and all relevance or authority to me. Do people even still use them for anything else?

When’s the last time you went to a blog site intentionally, and/or would you recommend any to other people?

I do visit llcuniversity once every year or anytime i want to incorporate a new company as to know whats going on in the secretary of states.
Apart from that i don’t visit any blog

I discovered that fun is gradually fading away, people have loads of things on their shoulders as to waste a single time in unproductive indulgence, is been over 2yrs i last visited Facebook and other social media let alone a mere blog.
Most web development blog i use to visit had their last post early January and they are obsolete.

Time is everything to me

Techdirt.com, not a blog, covering mainly free speech. The web’s best comment system.

Schneier.com, an expert blog devoted to security. Insightful comments.

Torrentfreak.com, not a blog, covering copyright (mis)use.

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Yesterday: https://www.taniarascia.com/using-context-api-in-react/

There are tons of good blog sites around. Things like CSS tricks, Dave Ceddia, How-To Geek and on and on… I am subscribed to a bunch of blogs in my RSS reader and I enjoy discovering new ones (mostly via newsletters).

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I helped put one for work last year. I would say “ouch” but, I only did the WP install/setup/custom and not the content. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I still check on CSS-tricks and Lea Verou’s on an almost weekly basis. Does The Oatmeal count as a blog?

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While I was working in a company that was starting to use a lot of Microsoft stuff (we’d avoided it quite successfully for many years) I did spend a lot of time looking around various Microsoft blogs, and also the “Channel 9” MS video site. The latter in particular was fascinating as they did interviews and took tours around various parts of the MS office, and more so when they were directly related to technology we were starting to use.

The blog sites were interesting for many reasons - Larry Osterman for example was very “old school” MS and provided an interesting bit of history. As well as that, it was an opportunity to ask MS staff some questions that I’d never have been able to do so via proper channels as proper channels always resulted in being sent a link to a web page I’d invariably seen before.

On checking them more recently it seems that both have been removed sufficiently long ago that they’ve gone past “not being updated” to “not being hosted”.

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Do you mean any blog site on any topic or web development related ?

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