When will the next version of PHP 5.4 stable?

I wonder if it’s worth I update my server with the new version of PHP (5.3.8) or perhaps I should wait for the release of the next version 5.4.
Can you also tell me if you know the date of sorites PHP 5.4 stable.
I searched the site but did not find section “Development Roadmap”.
Thank you

In all probability it will be off-target, but perhaps only by weeks. That’s how it has always been; the recent events, and deviating from planned timescales, aren’t particularly new in PHP-land. :blush:

The closest thing to a roadmap for 5.4 would be this page: https://wiki.php.net/todo/php54

Thank you very much

PHP 5.3.7 got pushed with a moderate security flaw arising from a broken test being ignored. The slashdot crowd in particular had a field day mocking the PHP team and it was overall an unpleasant experience which could have been prevented. As a result the team has gotten a bit more cautious - which is a good thing. The expression “egg on your face” refers to having something embarrassing happen to you.

When I say it will be a little slower I mean the arrival of PHP 5.4 stable will be a little slower in coming as a result of this episode. I didn’t mean to say PHP 5.3.8 was any slower than previous versions.

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What do you mean by that.
Why PHP 5.3.8 is slower?

It might be a little slower than that now after the egg on the face that was 5.3.7.

Yes, you should update to 5.3.8. It is the latest stable release and, where possible, it is recommended that everyone uses the latest stable release.

As for PHP 5.4, the plan is to start the beta cycle this week with a view to moving to Release Candidates in mid-October. After a few RCs, around very two weeks, will come 5.4.0 proper. So, tentatively, somewhere mid-November or December hopefully.