When Visitor Returns to Home Page, Drop Down Menu displays wrong Styles

Hi everyone,

I have another question. In my main drop down menu at http://www.atlantareiewgroup.com/, I see an error when a visitor returns to the home page via the back button. the sub-list <li>'s take on the block background and styles from the main list. I think the problem is in the targeting:

#pMenu a:hover, #pMenu li:hover a, #pMenu a:focus, #pMenu li:focus a, #pMenu a:active, #pMenu li:active a{...} ...

#pMenu li:hover div, #pMenu a:focus+div{left:0;}

Can you help me fix this goofiness?

The rules that have :focus added in there, will cause the display to differ. Remove them all. Manually define what you want the focus state to be. Don’t just group every state together.

I’d do this also with :active and :hover.

I forgot to say thank you. You helped me solve this!

Oh, well you’re welcome :). Glad I could help.