When to use Nav

Is it okay to have the following in <nav>

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Get a Quote

Or is <nav> only for major sections of a site like…

  • Home
  • Articles
  • Gallery
  • Services

This page goes over it pretty well. Should simplify matters for you hopefully.

I didn’t find that to help.

Do you think my first group above is wirthy of a <nav> tag?

I thought the link would be helpful. Especially the “How To Use” section.

Is it a navigation list? You have your answer.

The second group in my OP is definitely <nav> material. The first group I’m not so sure. if the first group was in the footer, I would say “No.” However, I was thinking of creating a navigation bar under my header for my RWD.

Here are two very crude mockups of what I was thinking about…

Mobile version:

Desktop version:

In the mobile version, visually, it looks like a navigation bar.

In the desktop version, visually, it is more secondary links.

No sure the best way to mark things up.

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