When to start using jQuery


I just started using Javascript and I know the basics now just because of its similarity with Actionscript 3.0, anyways I have been hearing about jQuery and I started wondering when would be the right time to start using jQuery.
Should I practice more pure Javascript?

What are the limitations by using jQuery versus pure Javascript? In other words is it possible to do everything with jQuery?

Are there any other Javascript libraries or jQuery is the only one? If there are more, why should I use jQuery over any other?

Thanks a lot!

jQuery is written in JavaScript and so the better you know JavaScript the more effectively you will be able to use jQuery if you decide to use it.

Since jQuery (and the dozens of other javaScript libraries that are around) have all been written in JavaScript there is nothing that can be done with those libraries that can’t be done without the library.

I have seen many instances where someone who has learnt one of those libraries without a thorough understanding of JavaScript ends up with several dozen lines of code calling the library plus the library itself to do what three of four lines of ordinary JavaScript could do.

This should help you understand what jQuery is and how it works: http://docs.jquery.com/Main_Page

Thank you both for your help!