When to Google Ping?

Hey SP,

I’ve got a website that I’m building for clients and they add anywhere from 1-30 items a day to their online store. We are finally at the state where the website is operating nicely and we feel we can start focusing on the SEO portion of the site. We briefly in our last meeting discussed somehow letting Search Engines know when they’ve added a new item and I remembered something about Google Pinging services.

So I went onto Google and did some research and every Ping service I have looked up (and even on Google’s official ping form) I keep seeing the word “blog updates” and I’m pretty sure if the pinging service is only meant for blogs that I probably shouldn’t ping them with a URL for each item my clients are adding … or should I?

Is a blog update the same thing as a “site” update? Is it somewhat unique and new content to the web so would the Search Engines be interested in having a ping sent to them?

Your thoughts?

As a new site, my recommendation: don’t open the doors for Google until your site is on-page optimized for search engines because you said like: “start focusing on the SEO portion”.

I believe these ping services that you are speaking are based on RSS feeds…and any site with RSS could make use of it !

Great advice! Thank you.

You can ping google after on-page optimization of your site.

You can also create a XML sitemap and add your new product pages to it. Once the sitemap is created submit it to Google via Webmaster Tools. This will help Google to find your new pages quickly.

Having the sitemap in terms of Rss feeds or Product feeds seems to be one of the best possible option to make them search-able throughout the web. Apart from them make sure to submit your feed to Google base and similar product based search engines.

Is your website live?

If yes, then sooner or later Google will discover your website. So its better to start SEO process now.

I don’t know why other members are advising you to do on page optimization before pinging the search engine.

If your website is ready to deliver good user experience, you should ping the search engine and start promoting your website.

ya Ping is for blog but you want to submit your URL like ““ping”” then google submit URL is best option for you and another benefit of is that site is easily and fast crawled as before by google…

creating a sitemap that will update your changes every hour or day is a good solution. Submit your sitemap to google webmaster and google will check daily for new content on your sitemap, so on your site also.