When should I open up an open source project to the community?

Let me know if this is the wrong topic to post for this.

As a passionate developer and aspiring entrepreneur, I have decided to begin work on a project that I am hoping will kick-start my career.

So enough about me.

I am in the process of developing a product that I plan on releasing GitHub and I’m wondering:

When would be a good time to release it for public development? I want the community to know what my goal and direction is so the product does not lose direction.

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I’ve seen it done both at the beginning and at a beta stage. Depends on how much you want the community involved in the creation of it, and how much you want to maintain control. Yes, you’ll have final control of the acceptance of the PRs, but the community is going to have a voice, and if they don’t like where you’re going or the pace you’re going at, you could end up with a fork and lose control of it.

The risks of open source. Guess the question is how defined is your vision? If well defined, then I’d hold off until at least the alpha stage if not beta. If not defined, then perhaps you’d benefit from other eyes/hands.


Thank you very much for your reply.

It seems I will have to take the alpha release route. I want to at least have a direction for it to go in before it’s released.
I know my way may not be the most efficient, so releasing it at that time will allow it to easily be updated to be more efficient before any major release.

Would it be a bad idea to just release some basic info for now, like a milestone and some basic goals? Just so I can catch a potential contributors eye?

Sounds good to me. One of those “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” concepts.

Awesome, I will get on that then.

Thanks for all the help.

It’s been opened up, I wasn’t too descriptive, I don’t want to give all the ideas away yet :wink:


Would this be enough?

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