When reading PHP books for 2 hrs, why my brain wants to 'reject' reading more

I really hate this, after reading a programming book and doing some sample code for around 2 hours, sometimes my brain wants to ‘reject’ reading more. I have to try hard to force myself to concentrate and continue reading and coding.

I often plan to read 2 chapters a day, but with this issue, my goals often cannot be achieved. Many people can keep reading for 4 or 5 hours without stopping, some programmers say they can read a new book from getting up in the morning to hitting the sack.

How can I fix this problem?

I’ve always read that you should allow a 10 minute break for each hour you study… get up and stretch your legs, get a glass of water, step outside for some fresh air etc. Also, working with a computer can give you eyestrain, which makes it harder to concentrate, that’s why it’s a good idea to have frequent breaks from the screen.

Breaks are always good.

Part of the reason your brain may be rejecting the information you’re trying to put into it is that you may be trying to learn without doing. Lack of stimulation makes your brain rebel against rote memorization.

Give yourself a small project to do in between chapters (or sessions, or whatever), work on it a bit at a time, try to apply what you learned.

Perhaps this means that learning from book is not an effective way for you to learn programming, maybe try learning through reading online articles/readings or even from an existing app? But seriously, I never had this problem since I got into web development of my own application. I guess the main issue is that you have yet to find the joy and motivation in programming, its not easy to force yourself into doing what you aint enthusiastic at.

I agree with “take breaks”, as in “do anything other than keep reading”.

I learned in college that if I stuck with something for too long a time without getting away from it for a while my time spent was much less efficient.
That is, with breaks I could get a lot more accomplished in less time than by trying to go from start to finish non-stop.

And you can’t compare yourself to what others can do. Just because you may know someone that can speed-read and comprehend and retain what they’re read doesn’t mean that you can or should be able to do likewise. Go at your own pace.

Thanks! I think this is the real REASON!! While reading those programming books, I MUST do/code/program something at the same time!!! Now when I am reading a certain chapter, I will try to do the exercises of this chapter at the same time while reading the book! Not wait until the whole chapter is finished reading like before! I think this will be more practical and effective!