When first starting an online retailer


When first starting an online retailer for womens fashion:

  1. How big should my initial stockpile be?

  2. How big should my PPC budget be?

I know there’s no exact answer to this, and that it depends on the size and demographics of my market, but a few clues to help me aim better would be much obliged!


I would start as lean and mean as possible. Pick a couple styles, and really push those. Stay away from odd sizes. In PPC try to target more obscure keywords initially until you get the hang of it.

Mr DV Duval, that means a lot man, thanks :slight_smile:

I think there is no exact answer, the only answer is testing. Start from small budget and test if it work. Then choose the good ones and enlarge your investment.

It depends on click cost in Google Adwords / Bing AdCenter

I think you’ve answered your own question there… it absolutely depends on many factors. It’s impossible to give absolute answers and even knowing all the factors, you ultimately need to manage a cycle of market/measure/analyse/strategize… repeat.