When Creating list pages. Tables or Lists?

Just wondering…
more of a HTML question then php i guess…
For pages containing a List of Items with info in each items I have used a html Table and javascript datatablea.

A list table like
“del” | “edit” | ItemName | ItemDescr… | ItemColor | ItemExpireDt |

Should I stop using Tables to display data lists from my database tables?

That’s exactly what tables are for, tabular data. Your good.


I was going to say “The clue is in the question”, a list is a list.
But if this is a list of several items with several columns, that’s a table.

If it were only one item with that list of properties/attributes, I would probably go with <dl>

BTW, none of this is work related… just a hobby
More for Web Applications than web pages

Rows of related records with Delete, Edit Buttons

I am learning OOP, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS… I figure creating an application I can learn more. trying MVC pattern with MYSQL DB

I know the basics… i think…

I like to play with dynamic content. Since you guys convinced me to go with a Table, I am not playing with an oop class that generates a table.

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