Whatsapp Marketing


I came across term Whatsapp marketing. Heard it for the first time. Suggest how to execute it.


I do not think whatsapp is the best way, because it is very intimate. You have the person's phone number you see, some people do not like to be bothered.
But it also depends on how you use it, if you have a list that make you feel comfortable.
Go on and Good luck!


Well whatsapp marketing depends on the type of promotion you want.You can share it in your groups and can ask people to share it if they find it interesting.Though these are ignored by many whatsapp users but it will definately help to reach your target audience.If done in the right way whatsapp marketing can help you reach a lot of interested people.All you need to do is to share it in groups and request the group members to share it further.Like all other platform this also needs to be done on a regular basis but you must keep in mind about the interest of the people to whom you are sharing as you would not like your messages to be treated like spam


its very easy to do whatsapp marketing. Just follow the same steps as you have done in facebook.


It's very simple to do whatsapp marketing.You have to use creative ways to promote business online on whatsapp platform. Just by simply sharing your business product or service content on various whatsapp groups in which you are a member you can easily promote your business.


Or annoy the other users in the group.


Thank you for sharing valuable information. In my view Whatsapp marketing limits the promotion of our service to only the groups where we are the member. Only our contacts will get to know more on our business service.


This is also my first time to hear about Whatsapp marketing. So I did a little research. I guess it will be a bit harder than using other social media platforms such as Facebook to market your product or service since there are lot of limitations. You can only message up to 256 people so you really need to be really innovative and creative here.


Whats app marketing is the process of marketing through whats app. In order to promote business through whats app create groups target people related to your business which leads to generate sales.

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