What's Your Mobile App Strategy?

I’ve been thinking a lot about building a mobile app as a companion for my website, but I’m really not sure what type of app to build, or whether it’s worth doing.

What sort of things have you done, or what have you seen done, with mobile apps that gives a richer experience and generates a bigger audience for a website?

Has it just been a custom interface, or a whole different thing that doesn’t have much to do with the original website?

I think you have to go for Android app development for your website, which is a cross—platform that makes it more flexible and many resources and online tutorials are available. The notification system of android is excellent. Moreover you can set multiple prices according to device. Isn’t it cool??? You can get more profit and make more money…

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First you should analyze that from which area do you have more visitors on your site. Then develop your app according to device users in that area. There may be more users of android device or iOS device. So first analyze that which platform you should choose to develop your app.

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“What sort of things have you done, or what have you seen done, with mobile apps that gives a richer experience and generates a bigger audience for a website?”

What have I seen done? Check out the many apps that tie a person right to the website: Facebook, Amazon Kindle, Dropbox, Flipboard, Netflix, and so on.These apps make the website easy to use when off the desk.

As for myself, I’ve converted one web site’s content into an app – although I’m not sure how much of my website audience is coming from the app.

i suggest you first create a responsive website in html5 and then use phonegapp to port it to android, windows and ios
here are a few pointers

  1. your app should enable clients to view the products or services you offer
  2. your app should enable them to buy these products or services
    3, you incorparate a billing system to enable your clients to track their transactions with your company
  3. your app should also have a ticketing system for support

you need to focus on experience, workflows and processes when designing an interface

It very much depends on what your site is about. E.g. if it’s a ecommerce site, build a ecommerce companion app. If it’s a blog, build a blog companion app that will push notifications when a new post is published and allow the reader to read the post inside the app. If it’s a business website, include your most important stuff in the app such as portfolio, about your company and so on.

There is no single answer here.

I think you firstly should know your audience, what’s your website for ? you can find a partner who is also want to promote their app, maybe you can not just limit in mobile app, how about web app? everyone use that web app will visit your website first. I think that’s fine too. hope it is useful.

im also want to know about mobile app strategy for different platform…suggest some ideas…