What's your favorite newsletter generator

Just when you have the website designed and the content ready to go live, your client wants to add a monthly or weekly newsletter. :eek:

What platform do you use to generate yours?

I have used Editize, Constant Contact, and Mail Chimp.

MsWord and Open Office (or Libre Office) each also have mail merge capabilities and some web hosts have a default you can use in your hosting account.

What features do you like best about the one you use and what improvements would you like to see in it?


maybe word .Classic!

To future posters: The poll is at the top. This thread is to discuss the features of your favorite newsletter generator, not to list the ones you use.

mine is ms-word too because of many features like wrapping, editing, colors, bold, all this

my favorite is MS-Word n Access…because of its features…

Sorry, but I guess this topic doesn’t have much interest for those who really need to write newsletters. Thread closed.