What's your biggest regret in life?

I always talk about living life with no regrets, but I reckon that everyone must have at least one.

I was gutless once and chose to dump a guy by just ignoring him. A couple of days into Operation Ignore, right at the height of his misery, he went to the gym and died of an aneurysm on the rowing machine. It’s fair to say that I’ve had a hard time living with that one.

My biggest regret in life is that I should have been on Internet earlier ( atleast 5 years back ). I would have made more money and learnt a lot. I have started using Internet only 2 years back and realize it’s true potential.

yikes Hawk :frowning: that must be very difficult dealing with that

I dont really have any regrets, I’m usually good at making decisions and not regretting them, I would’ve liked to have perhaps kept in touch with some school friends, only a few years ago I heard one of them had committed suicide, I got on really well with him and we had lots of great laughs, I often wonder if I had’ve kept in touch maybe he wouldn’t have done it, but who knows :confused2

It really depends on the day you aks me… I guess my regret is that it seems that I am unable to be a better person than I am in the wide sense of the word. It includes not learning from your own mistakes too.

Hm, I do not have regrets really. I look at my life lived the way I wanted it at the time. I made many mistakes, but those mistakes taught me to act differently in the future. Life is a package, not all things are perfect and I think that once that realization sets in the mind is clear of regrets.

We are not born with a set of standards that guide us, so we all have to learn and relearn to live a satisfying life :slight_smile:

But it’s not too late to change that, so it doesn’t have to be a regret.

I guess there are two ways of looking at regrets. Datura’s way seems to dictate that if you learned from something then it doesn’t have to be a regret. I suppose in that way I have no regrets.

My definition is if I would do something differently if I could relive the moment, changing the outcome, then the way I chose to do it is regrettable.

We can not relive a moment. That is the hard part in life.

I find that I forgive myself for many things now. Maybe it is so because I have reached the age that I am now at. The reality is that I have moved on from those moments in the past and I am creating new opportunities. I did the best I could at the time I did things. I might not have known better then, my understanding was not clear enough yet.

There are no excuses for what I did… it wasn’t lack of understanding… I was just gutless.
Having said that, I have forgiven myself. I figure I’ve done enough good stuff since to pay for my childish behavior.

I regret not telling my parents how much I loved them when they were alive.

I make sure I tell my kids and husband that I love them every single day.

It is not that I haven’t tried to change it, it is just that I have been unable to. As Datura, I wouldn’t regret it if I learned my lesson but it looks like I don’t. I can only keep on trying.

I have so many regrets if I started on this subject at length, you people would probably be in tears by the end :x

I’ve taken a step in the right direction in making web design my full time career, it’s yielded positive results and made my life a lot happier (including being here and the wonderful opportunities I’ve had thus far!) so at least all my regrets and wishes aren’t affecting my life as much as they have been in the past :stuck_out_tongue:

Regrets I have none in my short life.

I don’t consider the stupid things I did as a kid to be regrettable. So that leaves me a very short time span to have regrets for!

I’ll check back in 10-20 years :lol:

I am who I am, and I have no regrets :smiley:

of course there are things that i’m not that proud of, but i would not be without these experiences :smiley:
life is a school, and everything is an experience so… i have no regrets

That day I didn’t wash my socks…

No regrets in life, not even recently :stuck_out_tongue: Things are what they are and we wouldn’t be who we are if we hadn’t done the things we’ve done and since I’ve never done anything truly terrible I’m happy about who I am, room for improvement sure but who can’t say that.

I wish I could have been a professional Ice Hockey player but that’s not really a regret is it.

Assuming that what you did was gutless (but seriously, who hasn’t done something like that), if you hadn’t done it or could go back and undo it then you’d still be the kind of person who’d do that, you’d never have grown into the kind of person who wouldn’t do that.

I have a friend who bitterly regrets the time he spent as a youngster sleeping naked up trees (and some other even wierder stuff) following the advice of some ‘life guru’ type who was eventually exposed as a fraud. I think it helped make him who he is today.

Too true it’s your experiences both positive and negative that shape your personality. What really matters is what you’ve chosen to do with those experiences. How you deal with the mistakes after you’ve made them, that’s a true test of character

Taking out my 401K at 26 years of age and spending every last dime! I was young when I did that so at least I have time to build it back up.

Actually i don’t have much control on my word. Once upon a time, I talk very rudely to him for nothing. And from that moment, I don’t get him back. I hate myself for that. I wish I could take my word back.

None yet, I think I can only have regrets at the end of my life. I have a lot more living to do. And why regret anyway, its just a waste of time. Now is the time to make it happen.

I’m doing everything I can to not have any regrets at the end of the line. Always setting our own course trying to get as much out of life as possible. From immigrating to Canada and building our dream acreage to starting my own business and taking care of our future.