What's Your Average Business Trip Like?

You read the question in the title :wink:

When you’re lucky (or unlucky!) enough to go on business trips out and about in the wild wild (real) World - What is it like?

Whether it’s meeting clients, going out of town on a business trip, or going out to a different country for a conference / event, what’s it really like? Give us the dirty details! :smiley: How do travel arrangements usually work out? And when you get to your accommodation is everything fine and dandy or are there little annoyances?

Do you ever go sight-seeing in the place you’re visiting, if you have the time to? You might not visit the same place again (at least maybe not in the near future!)

I’ve never done anything like that before, but I’d love to do that kind of stuff. Do Web designers / developers get to do that though? Or is it the business / project managers that get to do all the travelling in the swanky hotels :(?

Tell us your stories :smiley:

Andrew Cooper

Most of my trips are to nice hotels and generally in cool cities, so I look forward to it, but I always find the best part of any trip is coming home. :slight_smile: I used to go on a lot of trips to California, but now that I live here, I find myself happy here, and not wanting to travel quite as much (at least for the time being).



So we’ve got 2 replies! One member has a pretty good experience on his business trips whilst another, like me, doesn’t have any.

So out of the hundreds and thousands of members on the SP Forums - Nobody else has any interesting things to tell us about their business trips? Does nobody else ever have to go on any business trips?! :eek: What is the Web World coming to?

I think that’s the same with holidays too, as much as you can enjoy it, when it comes to an end, you’re always happy to get back home and into your own bed!

Ditto :frowning:

Andrew Cooper

I live in a big city and most of my business is here… I do travel around to close towns and villages, but mainly these are one day trips… because part of my job is providing training. Sometimes I have to go to a particular city everyday and that means 1 and a half hours to go there… and to return home.

In the rare occasions that I need to go further, I do go to a hotel. Yet, I don’t like it. During the day, you work. But in the evening, you’re pretty much by yourself, knowing nobody and you don’t have the time to visit the city.

I spent a few years as a road warrior setting up new computer systems for small business customers. I traveled all over North America, sometimes to large cities and sometimes out in the boondocks.

I had the luxury of arranging my own flights, and often I’d get off at some airport short of the destination and drive the rest of the way to do some sightseeing.

Holiday Inn type lodging was the norm for me, nothing great but like McDonalds consistent wherever you went. And yes, when you travel a lot any problem with your flight, hotel, or rental car is magnified and you tend to get a little cranky on occasion.

I actually quit that job when the company decided to make all the travel arrangements and I couldn’t do any of the sightseeing on the way to jobs anymore. But it was great while it lasted, I got to visit nearly every state and most Canadian provinces at least once.

[FONT=“Georgia”]You don’t go into business for the trips though.

If you want a trip, just take one.

I’m in this to make money, that’s the priority one for my work.


the “business trips” i’ve been on was to make money, and they could last for months…

I’ve been to hundreds of places in my work… and we did all that could be done - we went on sight-seeing and explored the places/city, stayed at many hotels, we always went to some kind of public bath, took a drink on every bar and visited every disco, pub and nightclub… there were women and there were fun, and we could waste thousands of dollars on a single night…

the details? you wouldn’t believe me if i told ya :wink:

we were young… :smiley:

No trips here too.

A rock band in the 80s. :hangin:

I’ve always wondered, do you actually live in the inner city area or in the suburbs?

I’ve never been to a hotel on my own but I don’t think I’d enjoy spending the evening in a hotel on my own. I’d have to go out somewhere…

Amazing. That is the kind of story I wanted to hear! I’d love to be doing something like that one day, I think it’d be a nice thing in life to be able to do what you did, and experience what you did.

Care to elaborate on any particular journey you made?

Yea, I know. I’m not in it for the trips, it’s just something that I’d like to experience sometime in my life - Business Trips. Good or bad, it’s an experience and an adventure. Although, I’m sure the same can be said for any trip.

Wow. Tell us a few stories - Please?! :smiley:

Andrew Cooper

currently in Marriott Leipzig as I write this, snow everywhere.
no flights, Frankfurt is on its knees.
What do I do? I’ve finished my work (semiconductor Business)
Found many nice bars to drink/ eat in and a couple of not so nice leave your wallet at the door type -sorry- just got interupted by the hotel maid, asking do I need the turndown service, I think I can manage to get into bed tonight, without the top sheet turned down to aid entry - well depends on Vodka and Coke qty tonight ( actually never used to like Vodka until I visited Minsk (Belarus) a few years ago - think I was trained well. Two nice bits of Chocolate (from the maid) to munch on while I write this - they never got near the pillow!
spent the day going through the first 3 chapters of SitePoints excellent how to build a website, have just purchased the full version, PDF of course - cannot wait 15 days for the book to arrive - i’ll probably be somewhere else anyway when postie arrives.
As a frequent stayer at this hotels chain around the world, i get access to FREE nibbles in the executive lounge, free WIFI for the 10 days FREE breakfast etc.
I do use a travel agent for more complicated trips, as its much easier to call him than try and contact an airline to change flights.
Stuck in Dresden Germany a few years ago - queue to change tickets after flight was cancelled was hugh, sat and had a coffee called my guy, ticket re-booked, waited till the queue had gone, and checked in . If your travelling a lot there are many ways to make it easier - number one - if the flights delayed then go and pay the airline lounge $10 - $20 for entrance, remenber coffee and snacks are free - you will eat /drink more than the enterance fee.
Number 2 I usually use various city guides when I arrive to try and find the good places to go. have no problem wandering around or visiting strange places, especially, if you have a little knowledge. Talk to the bar staff, find the places to avoid / good places to visit.
Numer 3, don’t wear trainers or tracksuits when checking in - you’ll never get an upgrade, Jeans and suit jacket are definate winners.

I could go on but your probably bored - if not I will write more as the days go on. Stay tuned…

How i wish this was true :smiley:

This is a family friendly forum, so i don’t think it will fit here :smiley:

but i can assure you it was wild! :smiley:

Having a wonderful journey to your fantasy destination is so amazing. The World is full of beautiful scenery and it will definitely fascinates you. Having a good budget is the most priority to enjoy that journey!

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Glad I’ve got no business trips right now, most of the UK seems to have ground to a halt due to the snow.

Trips in the past have generally been pretty dull, all the time taken up by travel and the meeting, then back to a hotel, perhaps venture out to a local restaurant or pub for an evening. Did manage to blag a chauffeur driven limo back to the airport last trip to London though.

Back when I was a musician I suppose you could consider being on tour as a very-long business-trip, that’s got a lot more fun things happening but there’s still a lot of waiting around for sound checks etc

Got offered a 2 week holiday in Singapore as px for a website last festive, wish it was now with the weather being soooo cold I’d jump at the chance.

I’d say “ditto” but I hate that word, so I’ll just say, +1.

I’m a stock photographer / blogger. My business trips are fun, usually. They involve photo shoots with models and unique locations, so they require a lot of planning. Still, they get me out of the house which is enough excitement in itself.

Amazing. That is the kind of story I wanted to hear! I’d love to be doing something like that one day, I think it’d be a nice thing in life to be able to do what you did, and experience what you did.

Care to elaborate on any particular journey you made?
I’m from the west coast of the US. One memorable trip involved flying from LA to Boston, renting a car, making my first stop by driving up to Bangor, ME for a few days. The next stop was in western MA, to get there I took a couple days and drove through VT and NH. A few days later I had to visit NYC, then Allentown PA. Then it was down to a small town south of Salisbury, MD on the Chesapeake penninsula, later over the south Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Norfolk, VA, finally down to Greensboro, NC and fly back to California. The whole trip was about 3 weeks and nearly 3000 mi on the rental car.

Oh, did I mention I got to follow the fall colors all the way down the East Coast? It was just amazing!

These trips were the norm in those days. Later I was usually out and back every 5 days. One time I flew from LA to Toronto, did my 4 day job and found out my next stop was back in Toronto, and I flew back to Canada one day after I’d gotten back home :slight_smile:

Wow. No, I’m not bored and I don’t care if anyone else is either - I’m tuned in for more ServiceLine! :slight_smile: I loved what you wrote! Give us more! :smiley: Ah, I don’t know what I’d do to be in your position at the moment, travelling around and having the joys and stresses of it rather than being stuck in my bedroom typing away…Heh.

PM me a story or two please?

The World is absolutely a beautiful place full of beautiful landscapes and sights to see :slight_smile: I look to the Sky for the most beautiful sights sometimes :slight_smile: And I agree, a nice budget wouldn’t go amiss for a nice business trip!

Heh, EastCoast, I don’t think -anyone- in the UK would want a business trip right now! I guess travelling at this time of the year with this weather would be an adventure in itself though. Shame about the Singapore trip though, would be nice right now.

I bet they’re fun! Photo shoots with hot models much? :stuck_out_tongue: I bet the unique locations are just as beautiful as the models though. And I totally understand what you mean with getting out of the house being enough excitement in itself. I wonder if many other people feel the same way? Does getting outside of the house excite anyone here? It excites me haha :smiley:

Andrew Cooper

what happened next - Tuesday 21st Dec. Checked the Lufthansa website, both flights from Frankfurt to Dublin cancelled, that means around 400 will want to get on my flight on wednesday - which I have a ticket for - only 198 seats on this plane. Problem is getting from Leipzig to Frankfurt then onto Dublin. So far most of the internal flights are being cancelled to allow room for the international flights, which will always have priority. Called Lufthansa - the idea is to trade in my Leipzig ticket for a train to Frankfurt (only 4 hrs). The nice guy at Lufthansa - must have just started his shift as he was very calm - certainly you can change your airticket to the German DB Bahn, Ok I say, but if I cancel my Leipzip flight normal aviation rules dictate flights must be flown in sequence therefore automatically cancelling my Frankfurt Dublin ticket, no sir he tells this won’t happen, i’ll just rebook you onto the Dublin flight, I doubt it I mentioned, it must be fully booked, let me check he says, Oh yes sorry you will lose your seat - don’t change anything I pleaded.

Wednesday sat for a few hours in the hotel lobby, had ordered a late checkout so no problem until 14.00 flight at 19.00. Arrived by taxi at Leipzig airport, three guys ask my taxi driver to take then to another airport - Oh whats going on here - is the airport shut down / flights delayed?

more later

Wow, talk about a road trip Doug! :eek: I assume you didn’t drive straight for them couple of days to get to Western MA through VT and NH? You slept in a few Motels, right? What was that like? What was that trip for by the way?

Do people still make trips like that these days though? Just the way you said it “These trips were the norm in those days.” made me think that trips like that don’t happen these days any more. Haha, I bet you was annoyed when you had to go all the way back to Canada one day after you got home, eh?

Nice story though! Any more?

Ouch. Sorry about them being cancelled, all part of the trip though I guess, right? Typical at this time of the year though really. Shame you had to fly at this time of the year, what were you doing travelling at this time of year anyway?! Was it an emergency call-out or something? Haha your conversation with the guy at Lufthansa, deary me! :stuck_out_tongue:

So what happened at the airport? Was it shut down / flights delayed…? Tell us more ServiceLine! :smiley:

Has anyone seen Trains, Plains & Automobiles or [URL=“http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1193138/”]Up In The Air? They’re both great films that are related to businessmen traveling. I love both the films. Anyone know of any similar films I could watch? I’d love to have a little mini adventure like in those films heh. That’s what life is all about, right? ADVENTURE! :smiley:

Andrew Cooper