What's Wrong with this Transaction?

Can’t figure out why this transaction isn’t working. I’m not getting errors, and the notifications I’ve built into the if else aren’t even getting selected.

drop procedure if exists mergeups;
delimiter //
create procedure mergeups()
declare sql_error int(1) default false;
declare continue handler for sqlexception
	set sql_error = true;

#create a savepoint
savepoint beforemerge;

update  invoices i
	join vendors v using (vendor_id)
	set i.vendor_id = (select vendor_id from vendors where vendor_name = 'federal express corporation')
	where v.vendor_name = 'united parcel service';

delete from vendors
	where vendor_name = 'united parcel service';

if sql_error = true then
	rollback to beforemerge;
	select 'transaction rolledback';
	select 'transaction committed';
end if;

delimiter ;

Sorry, immediately after posting I realized I forgot to call the procedure…