What's wrong with this please?

HTML from a Table:

<td rowspan=2><div class=“rightbracket”>} Twins</div>Chistian<br>Christina</td>

CSS which doesn’t seem to be working

.table1861 .rightbracket {float:right; font-size:2em;}

web page: http://www.c5d.co.uk/ed171871.php

It’s the family entered as no 72 and I want the curly bracket and the word twins to go after the two names.



You don’t actually have that in your style sheet.

But if you did, it wouldn’t work, anyhow. There’s really not enough room for it.

I want the curly bracket and the word twins to go after the two names.

That’s a bit vague, anyway. ‘After’ could mean various things.

Thanks for your comment.

I have managed to float it to the right now,

Can you suggest any way of making the bracket , match the height of the two names and the word twins to be at the level of the center of the bracket ?

Using font-size sends it left and overwrites the names.

I have used .table1861 .rightbracket {float:right;padding-top:8px;} and it works to a certain etent but I’d like the heiht of the bracket to match the heighr of the two names,


Antony, can you change inline styles into CSS sheet styles? If so, move these into your style sheet.

<td rowspan=2><div class="rightbracket" style="padding-right:0"><span style="font-style:normal;font-size:1.8em;padding:0;margin:0 -7px 0 0;">}</span> Twins</div>Chistian<br>Christina</td>

I think this’ll do it… Add a <span> around the brace, then add the following styles to your stylesheet.

<td rowspan=2><div class="rightbracket"><span>}</span> Twins</div>Chistian<br>Christina</td>

.table1861 .rightbracket {
.table1861 .rightbracket span {
    margin:0 -7px 0 0;

Yes, that works great thanks.

I just needed to remove the padding-top from this bit {float:right;padding-top:8px;} just leaving the float:right

Thanks for all the help this year


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Antony. Best wishes for 2014. :xtree: :slight_smile: