What's wrong with the SEO Technique?

I have some question in my mind regarding the SEO. As i am creating many back link through Article submission for my website and have got many article approved. And i have already got those article cached on Google. But i am unable to find any back link to my website from those domain. As i have created other back link too like Social bookmarking and blog commenting but i am not getting a single back link to my website for last one month approx. Is Google panda is doing some kind of trick ?

Post the article in the blog and convert these articles in blogs posts. You can get backlinks you these blog posts. Also create link wheel using blog posts.

Those are not SEO techniques. They are spamming.

Most of the major Google updates (i.e. Bourbon, Austin, etc.) in the past had something to do with the quality of backlinks. Do some research on these updates. The common theme is that of being relevant.

Most people are under the impression that Google will show all backlinks to your site. Even though Google may be aware of those links but they may be too insignificant to show as backlinks at all. You have to keep continuing the process and Google will filter out the relevant ones in time. SEO is not an easy task.

Same difference? Thought it was you that was arguing that all SEO is spam? I’d agree with you.

You have some problem for backlinks in your site?Then,seoquake and yahoo explorer are the really good tool to check the backlink of your sites.

Can you please tell us the tool that you are using to analyze the backlinks? If you have added your website to google webmaster tools, you can check the links that are pointing towards your website. If you are using some another tool like backlinkwatch or something like that, it takes time to update your increased backlinks.

I would like to suggest you if you are checking your backlinks in Google then it will take some time to show all that backlinks.Google never show all backlinks.So you can use yahoo site explorer or backlinkwatch.com to check backlinks of your website.

Google panda gives priority to websites which are worth and genuine. I think you posted your articles to low PR or no follow directories. Are you sure all your articles are approved? Just create number of backlinks you can and you will definitely indexed by google.

Guest blogging always works for me. I’m not really into article directories, though most say they provide quality link juice.

But Google consider it as duplicate content because its clearly a spamming.