What's wrong with my GALAXY S3?

After browsing/surfing the net on 2G or 3G for approximately 30 - 45 minutes, I notice that my GALAXY S3 starts to get hot…is that normal?

If not, then please provide your expert opinion on what the problem is, and advise a possible solution.

Anxiously awaiting your reply…

Mine did the same thing. Are you charging your phone during this? Do you have facebook messenger? The phone is just being overworked. Try removing how many active applications you have…close open applications (hitting the middle bottom button and holding it in will bring up all open applications).

My S4 does exactly the same… I normally stop FB and it cools quite a bit

@molona do you use FB messenger?

On my S5, I have “Battery Doctor” and “Clean Master”, both will help keep CPU and RAM usage down, helping to keep the phone cool.



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Sometimes, I do

I’ve noticed that FB Messenger being installed took a huge performance toll on my device. On my upgraded phone, the S5, I didn’t install Messenger for a week. Perfect. Then I installed messenger to test…and my phone starts overheating some and the battery life starts to go down a lot faster (even if I don’t use it).

Weird but I uninstalled it. Their apps are killing my phones.

There was something in the news, recently, about how the FB app is “phoning home” with a lot of tracking data. Big privacy concern.


Yep. If you had FB Messenger installed, they would put an alert on the top of your Facebook App (when opened) and said to not listen to what you hear, and then they give you a link to click where they tell you what the REAL scoop is. Didn’t bother with it. Doesn’t matter to me. If they want to track you, they can. Too much technology tracks you. They’ve already gathered enough data on me. They know my habits.

That happened to me too. After two days I got rid of the FB app. I don’t need to be informed in real time if someone posts something on FB. I’ll check myself using the browser when I feel like it.

[quote=“RyanReese, post:3, topic:102943”]
hitting the middle bottom button and holding it in will bring up all open applications).
[/quote]Nice, didn’t know that. Thanks for the tip.

On the S5, holding the middle bottom button opens Google Search. LOL!


Yes that was frustrating to learn when I got the S5. No idea why they changed it. Actually tapping the left button brings up the open applications on the S5. Normally S3 would have the left button bring up a settings menu, but S5 doesn’t.

@guido2004 you’re welcome.

First off, thanks to everyone who replied and shared their opinion.
I don’t use the phone while charging, but did have applications like Facebook Messenger, Clean Master and Doctor battery on my phone.
The Samsung service centre told me, the overheating problem could be due to apps like “Clean Master” as it’s a third part app. But that was’t the case, cause when I’m downloading other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Intagram etc., the problem still continues to exist.
Also, I don’t think Facebook Messenger could be the problem, cause many of my family members are Samsung mobile users, who use Facebook Messenger without any problem.
When I tried searching the solution to the problem on Google, I found the phone overheating could be due to the following:

  1. Problem with the hardware.
  2. Bad internet signal.
  3. Problem with the battery.

I’m not sure what among the above is exactly the cause to my problem. I still have 2 months warranty left, so if the problem is with the hardware, I can have replaced for free.

Anxiously awaiting a favorable reply…

The problem may be due to a faulty battery or too many applications which are opened.

I agree with @dharmen2000. The too many apps open is the more likely scenario, IMHO. But, then, I’m so OCD about making sure that I completely “close” an app, when I’m done with it.

If you already have Clean Master and Battery Doctor on your phone, how often do you actively run/scan/close/clean with them? I do that about ten times a day, just to be sure that my phone is using as little CPU/RAM as possible.

Not sure how to test if the battery is at fault, but I’m sure Google can find that, for you.



@WolfShade I do it often after I’m done surfing the net, as well as clear the RAM space.

Hmm… then I’d guess it’s either a faulty battery as dharmen2000 suggests, or (if you have your phone in a protective case) the case may be retaining the heat.

If you can’t find a method of diagnosing the battery, I’d contact the vendor and ask.


@WolfShade Are you sure it’s not a hardware problem?

Every galaxy user I know has the overheating. I find it hard to believe it’s a universal hardware problem and noones pointed it out.

My S5 doesn’t overheat, even inside the Pelican case. Battery Doctor and Clean Master really help.

@rohanferns, as far as I can tell, it is not a hardware problem.