What's wrong with my Email Form?

Maybe I need to change to another formmail script, so please let me know of a source for this other than NMS which hasn’t been updated by the author in several years

OK, so I’ve been using NMS FormMail perl scripts for years on my email forms, but I’m stumped at my current problem and don’t know what to try to fix this.

To see the problem, go to the test page at: http://www.dfwkaraoke.com/contact_test.html and try to send an email using this form.

For some reason, the .pl script keeps popping up as a download causing the firm to be inoperable.

I haven’t changed any of the script other than setting the domain and email address so it would work like this same script have for several years.

Any idea of what to do in order to fix this?

I found a PHP formmail script at http://formtoemail.com
Think this might be a good alternative?

Sounds like there may be an issue with the apache configuration. I’ve seen the same thing happen with .php scripts when something goes wrong.

I’d put a support ticket through to your hosting provider.

OK, thanks. I assumed it had to be me that did something wrong,
but I’ll put in a help desk ticket and see if they can do anything.

Well, they replied back and said…

please use cpanel formmail clone located here:


So, I setup and folder titled “cgi-sys”, saved the perl file as .cgi (same thing?) and uploaded it and now I’m getting:

There are missing fields!
recipient is missing

Even though I have all the fields populated when testing the email form…

It’s still not working right, but at least the scrip seems to be executing
(I did do CHMOD)

Any ideas what’s wrong now?

Hey Rockrz,


I use the above formmail pl version myself, that error is quite common, just input the recipient name as described above, should work out nice for you!


Well, I’m lost on that…

I’ve used this same formmail script for several years now and simply
put in the domain @referers = qw(dfwkaraoke.com); and the
email address @allow_mail_to = qw(email at dfwkaraoke.com);
(or course the email address is formatted correctly)

…and it’s always worked just fine so I’m stumped on
what has changed here since I haven’t changed anything.

Are these the two lines that should be changed???

@referers = qw(domain.com);
@allow_mail_to = qw(email@domain.com);

OK, so I read the page at

and I put this in the form code on the contact page
<input type=hidden name=“recipient” value="email@your.host.com">

And I got it to work, But…this means my email address has
to be in the code of the webpage the contact form is located
on…meaning spam bots will be havesting my email address

I’ve never had to do this before to get my email forms to work,
so is this some new requirement for some reason?

Anyway to rig this where I don’t have to have my email
address has to be in the code of the webpage???

Any help would be appreciated.

There’s far worse a spam bot can do with that: if that field is being used then you’re opening your script up as an open mail relay for whoever wants it. Are you sure it’s the NMS version you’re using? If it is, then I’m surprised: I assumed this was one of the serious flaws in Matt’s Formmail script that NMS got rid of.

If I have a look through NMS FormMail, there’s a @recipients array that you’d have to put your address in when you configure it.

The @recipients array in the latest NMS script I’ve been using has been setup properly and working great since the day I set it up.

I contacted my host and found out that they recently upgraded to the lastest Cpanel which requires the email address to be in the code of the webpage itself or it won’t work.

That is unacceptable to me, so I found a PHP mailform script that I’m now using that allows my email address to be in the script itself and not in the webpage