What's the WordPress way to move a plugin element from the footer to the sidebar?

I’ve installed a voting plugin which is automatically positioned in the footer. I’d like to move it to the sidebar. I found this post about moving main page elements. It doesn’t seem to apply in this case.

More specifically, the footer element is here,
div id=main > div id=post > div class= post-content > div class ‘voting-container’
and I’d like to move it to,
div id=main > div id=sidebar-single > div class=inner > div id=scol2

Where do I start? Hack the plugin? What is the mechanism in WordPress to position plugin elements into, for example, the sidebar?

hello xtiansimon, i think it’s a bit hard to tell w/out know what the plugin is or how it is set up.
normally you can move them about.

I wasn’t specifically looking for someone to provide the necessary code (^_^)

I expected moving elements around would be a common issue (frankly, I’m surprised the plugin doesn’t perform this task itself) which would have a template solution, a plugin solution, and maybe a hack solution.

But if it helps, I’m trying to move the Voting v1.0 plugin (by paratheme) to the sidebar in FluxiPress V1.0.7 (by Michael Klöpzig).

didn’t find that plug in, but…
if some ever provides you with the right code when needed, just celebrate :smile:
what i meant is that usually the plug in will give you a snippet that will allow you to insert it where you want it.
like this one for example

I used a google translate plugin & could add the code where i wanted to.
try to see if the documentation gives you any info.
if not, a live page for us to look at might help.

should have thought of asking this yesterday. So unless you fixed the problme, what is the link to the plugin?

Here’s the WP.org plugin page for Voting.

Looking at your example link (for a different voting plugin; emphasis for you lurkers) provided, I read “shortcode, post and widget placement of topic banners”, which says to me I can use the post/page short code syntax to programmatically insert that widget’s content into the body of a post/page. Also, I can add that widget through the WP or various 3rd party widget handlers. Then, further down the page is this:
“Global Settings: The main settings page allows you to set global parameters that will affect the display of all banners.”

I sort of glossed over this with the takeaway that if you find these main settings page (in WP GUI or file template?) then you can make changes to all banner setting–at the WP app level.

Am I more or less correct?

Applying this example to my situation, Voting’s element edit page does not have preferences for placement. It doesn’t use short code. And It doesn’t show up under Appearance > Widgets. Which about covers the first two options.

On the Installed Plugin’s edit page, Voting has these templates:

Plugin Files:
voting/readme.txt // no tips here.

That’s about what I have.

Also, on the issues of sending an example URL. I’m ok with that as far as the content goes. No big woot. But I’m a bit nervous about scrapers and what not glomming my URL and driving traffic to my dinky 4$/mo hosting plan. I have the same problem with WP.org site. Do you have a suggestion how I can obscure my URL, and possibly have the link also expire (similar to a Pastebin) and still let you see the site?

Can you just give the link to the site of the plugin first?


I thought this would be more routine. Seeming more complicated, I also posted this to the plugin’s author. They’ve replied:

“This plugin only work on post loop, so you can’t move outside loop like footer or sidebar.”

Busy now but will try & take a look later.
That being said. this plugin has 257 downloads and zero votes.
So it might help you, keep you safer in general and give you better support if you make a practices of choosing plugins that have lots, LOTS of download and reviews.

Am not saying they are bad. And everyone has to start someplace…but you might want to see if there are other apps similar to this (pretty sure there are) that have more longeivity, reviews and downloads.

No worries. I appreciate your reply. Right now the plugin works. It’s only an aesthetic issue.

Like I said, I’ve just started with WP, so I don’t know the page build system. Can’t say if he’s right about putting post elements in the sidebar (which might explain why I’m not getting any traction on another post topic–putting a single post’s tags in the sidebar (instead of in the footer or having sidebar tags not relevant to a given post.)

I didn’t like using a low scored plugin. I’m aware of this heuristic from Drupal. The thing is this is the only vote counter I like. Looks like StackOverflow or Reddit, which is the gold standard at the moment.

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