What's the technical name for this dialog box element?

Super noob-question, but see the green ‘confirmation’ dialog box in the image below? Is there a technical name for that element? (Or is it just called a ‘dialog box’, or the like?)

My site’s having problems with lightbox confirmation screens for things like “Your message has been sent”, or “Your changes have been saved”…and I’ve seen this type of element on other sites, where instead of spawning a lightbox, submitting a form will spawn this sort of ‘dialog box’ (pushing all of the page’s content down)…and sometimes the dialog box will stay on screen (until the page is refreshed), whereas other times it will slide closed dynamically after a few seconds. I just want to know the technical term for it so I can learn more about it.

[font=verdana]I’m not aware of it having a specific name. It isn’t a dialog box (which is something that comes from the OS and usually requires user action to close) or a lightbox (which is a way for the browser/page to ‘fake’ a dialog box). It’s just a block called up (and potentially removed) by Ajax, maybe a ‘confirmation line’?

If you want to read more about it, you could try searching for something like “using ajax to insert text”.[/font]