What's the smarter way to query in this layout?

Hi there.
I’m working on a custom theme. Somewhere in this theme designed like :

A little more demonstration. That pinkish section on the left filled with one last post of specific category.
those green/blueish! sections are just regular posts (which pinkish category is excluded from it). As you can see the thing is after that “post from specific category” and just one of regular posts, is another section which shows one simple Custom Post Type, and after that other regular posts show up.

What I did was get those all using separate WP_Query. So I’ve got one last post from that category, one latest regular post and after those CPT section queried other regular posts and used offset => 1
but by using this offset => 1, I faced lots of difficulties that made me frustrated.

So here’s first part of my question. Is there any other way to get these posts that doesn’t need using offset ?
What’s the smarter way to query posts for this layout ?

Any help is appreciated.

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