What's the most pages you can get to return for a Google search?

I was just wondering how many pages I could get to return for a Google search and the best I could manage was 25.3 billion on a search for the word ‘I’ and using the wildcard operator:

I *

Can that be beaten? It has to be real words but with any search operator you care to use.

a *
gives you 40.000.000 more :slight_smile:

the * gives us another 30,000,000 :lol:

We’re up to 25,390,000,000 so far.

(Incidently, I love that the Apple site returns number 1 for the I * search… google are such clever bunnies. Also, ‘no *’ gets 25.3 billion returned pages compared to 4.5 billion for the search ‘yes *’, is the internet really such a negative place? :p)

and * has a fair number associated with it too! :slight_smile:

4,890,000,000 search for the letter e :slight_smile:

that’s less :slight_smile:

…and it’s not a word.

It is in italian :smiley: