What's the least expensive LAPTOP model for CS5 Web Premium

Could someone please post a link from either NEWEGG or TigerDirect (or anywhere "reputable) that would give the LEAST EXPENSIVE laptop capable of running Adobe CS5 Web Premium in whatever that person feels is a “half-decent” fashion?

Thank you

I think thats a bit subjective – different people have different definitions of decent. I’ll just say it will be significantly less than the software.

Yes I agree you can go for Dell. It is capable of running CS5. May be Toshiba’s laptop is relatively cheaper than Dell. Try to check wholesale rates for laptops.

I find it a bit odd to just recommend a brand like people above me did.
It’s like me asking which car I need to transport a bed, and people answering “get a ford”
Surely my bed won’t fit in a Ford Ka …

That being said, I’d recommend getting a laptop with a 64bit processor, at least dual core, and a minimum of 3GB of RAM.