Whats the easiest way to take an online payment


Im building a website for a carpenter. He wants a page “Pay Your Bill” where the user can enter the amount and pay online.

Whats the simplest way to do this? PayPal or Stripe? With both I can find an easy solution based on a fixed amount, but I cant find an easy ‘out of the box’ way where the user specifies the amount. Perhaps the PayPal Donate button is the way to go?


Surely the amount is already known via the invoice? The ones I have seen normally have the amount in the payment box although some have a “Pay another amount” field.
I guess what I am asking is why would he want them to pay a lesser amount?

Yes, the user knows how much they have to pay (becuase the client will have given them a paper invoice or emailed invoice). So the user needs to enter that amount on the payment page.

Is this possible with PayPal or Stripe? (and if so how).


Just send them a Paypal invoice or there is a way of sending them a link but I haven’t used that.
Only just started using Stripe so not sure about them but I assume they would have the same.

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