What's the difference between designing and developing?

Howdy, I’m new in this forum and want to learn web designing and developing. Please you guys explain designing and developing. I have searched it from google but when I type designing, google open developing material. Are both terms having the same meaning? Thanks

Hi Egil65. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Designing is more to do with the look and layout, while developing is more about the code and functioning of the site.

Thank you very much.

Everything related to server side programming using PHP or ASP.net is development. Designing include user interface development including client side scripting using javascript too.

It’s hard to divide up these disciplines. I don’t think a JS programmer would like to be called a ‘designer’. That’s why I prefer to have three categories:

Designer: visual/layout design etc.

Front-end developer: HTML, CSS & JS etc.

Back-end developer: programmer using server-side technologies like PHP, .NET etc.

What a ‘web designer’ is in this context is debatable, but it’s up to the individual to decide. It most commonly refers to a designer who perhaps does a bit of coding like HTML and CSS.

However we in the business may define Web Designer and Web Developer, for the average SME client the terms are interchangeable.

I think a typical Google search to find someone to build a website is more likely to be web designer hicksville, than web developer hicksville, and that might influence what you call yourself, regardless of your skill set.

But don’t call yourself Web Developer if you can’t provide advanced coding skills, or you might get caught out by the potential clients who do understand the difference.


However we in the business may define Web Designer and Web Developer, for the average SME client the terms are interchangeable.

That is a GREAT point and elaboration. Keep in ind many client also use this as a lowball technique too! I think if you are both list yourself as both, if the client doesn’t understand the difference then he will compelled to ask. at which point not only do do you educate the client but also make it clear the different functions you are performing as such the difference in cost, lest the client try to lump you in with the designers manning copiers at Kinkos… after all ‘they are designers too… why do you cost more?’

In simple words designing means working with look and feel of the website (front-end) and development means adding functionality to the website.

Something new I learnt today. Glad that I came on this forums :slight_smile:

web designing meas your wen sites lay out related your domain name or url and web developing means adding functionality like button, drop down menu, admin panal use etc…to the website.

Designing for me is everything including the look and how it feels. Developing is putting that look and feel into action. You can be a web designer but only use photoshop, you’re still a webdesigner even though you haven’t coded anything, it’s the development after in your website development program where your develop the design and bring it to life.

I agree with you.

After read this thread, I just know that I also web developer :lol::lol: