Whats The Best Way To Get A PDF Doc To Rank Well In The Serpts

I uploaded a seo optimized pdf doc at docstoc & bookmarked it at digg,reddit & mixx.

I’ve pinged it twice within 48’s and it’s nowhere in the serpts with the keyword in titled there’s
32,900 competing pages how do I get it to rank in the top ten.

More links will also be needed. Don’t worry if the results do not appear within 10 minutes because it takes a while for Google to spider the web pages.

Also, it is recommended against pinging something multiple times because some search engines/sites might think that it is spam and false accuse people for spam.

This is what Matt Cutts said a couple of days ago about PDFs and indexing:

“We absolutely do process PDF files. I am not going to talk about whether links in PDF files pass PageRank. But, a good way to think about PDFs is that they are kind of like Flash in that they aren’t a file format that’s inherent and native to the web, but they can be very useful. In the same way that we try to find useful content within a Flash file, we try to find the useful content within a PDF file. At the same time, users don’t always like being sent to a PDF. If you can make your content in a Web-Native format, such as pure HTML, that’s often a little more useful to users than just a pure PDF file.”

I’ll try & get more links to the pdf file I’ve got another question.

I’ve been searching for my competition with the keyword in the title
& it showing 100 results at a time.

When I did a search for the keyword showing 100 results at a time
it showed 83 competition sites.

When I searched for the keyword with it only showing 10 results
at a time it showed 32,000 competition pages.

Which one is my real competition & why does Google do this.

They should be the same, you need to figure out what you’re not doing right.

Build a huge link wheel and ping every part of it.

But why does Google show 80 in advanched search for 100 vs 32,000 showing
10 results.

What’s the search, can you post the links to both set of results?

Sorry it’s to good of a keyword or I would I’d have twice to competition.

You’ll understand then in that case that it’s a bit hard to help you out.

Your competition is the ten sites on the first page. What are their backlinks, indexed pages, PR etc? You have to beat them to be on the front page, the amount of competing pages has little relevance.