What's The Best Way To Distribute Articles For Backlink Building?

I’ve always known about article distribution as a means for backlink building but never really tried it. Is this a good way to build backlinks? And what’s the best service to use?

“Is this a good way to build backlinks?”

I think article submission is a good way to build up your reputation. And it can yield some good-quality backlinks. But the results don’t appear as instantaneously as other SEO techniques (for example, posting on a blog).

It also depends upon your niche. If your niche is too specialized, it doesn’t matter how excellent your article is, it won’t produce many backlinks, or a lot of traffic, for the simple fact that it does not have mass appeal.

"And what’s the best service to use? "

Myself, so far, I have only used Ezine Articles because I was told that is the biggest and best.
They are pretty good. I haven’t bothered trying any of the others so I cannot make a comparison.

My suggestion: give it a try. Write an article and submit it to Ezine Articles. If it is rejected the first time, edit it and try again.
And, if you want, try some of the many other article submission sites. Then you’ll know for sure what the results are like for you.

I use ezinearticles.com, basearticles.com and goarticles.com for my article distribution. But ezine is more strict which sometimes didn’t accept my articles so try submit it to articleally.com.

Article submission is one the best way of getting free one way link to your sites.

Article submission is one of the nest method in link building to generate backlinks as well as traffic.But this is helpful when you Will write some useful articles withlin k back to main website.When you get approval in top article directories then promote your published article on top social media websites.

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