What's the best way to create a picture gallery in Dreamweaver CS5

I need to create a website for a university project and I’m planning on creating one which involves having a picture gallery as part of said website.

I wanted to know what the best way was to create a picture gallery involving Dreamweaver CS5 as we have to use the software to create the website.

Is working in Dreamweaver really a requirement? God, help us.

That’s not exactly a helpful reply to my question!:mad: What do you have against Dreamweaver if I may ask?

And in any case, the assignment handout says clearly that we have to design it in Dreamweaver CS5, in fact, our teacher said clearly when handing out the assignment that we have to use the software to design the website.

If you don’t have anything helpful to say, then don’t bother posting in this thread again!