What's the best CPM you've seen for Video Game sites?

I run a small network of video game sites. The largest of these is a forum that gets around 2,000,000 impressions monthly.

I’ve searched around but not found much better than $0.5 CPM offers. Is anyone out there doing better than that with semi-large video game sites?

No one has any thoughts on this?

for a banner cpm it looks you already getting very good rate, unless you want try pop which gives much better rates

You are probably going to struggle to get much more than that. You should probably try selling ads directly yourself or consider cpa/cpc etc

However, in response to your actual question $32 cpm rate is the best I have ever seen. The glory days of the dotcom bubble when only people who were trained had a website and it wasn’t as easy as it is today.

Do you have some examples of leading networks/rates for pop ads?

I wouldn’t mind giving something like that a shot on one of my sites and see if it does better, or even in addition to another CPM ad on the actual site.

I would check out Self Service Advertising and Direct Sales Tool For Publishers | isocket / [url=http://buyads.com]Buy Direct Premium Advertising On The Web’s Top Sites | BuyAds.com. There are several gaming sites on there with quite high CPMs. Whether people are actually paying those CPMs is another question. Gaming sites typically don’t have very high CPMs, so if you are getting $0.50 that is pretty good. You could get more selling yourself, but there is obviously a time tradeoff.

So when you say “selling yourself” do you mean reaching out to private companies and working out CPM agreements with them, or do you literally mean selling their products?

I’ve tried the latter and had very limited success with it.

I mean working out a CPM with companies directly. However, if you are going to do that, I would go ahead and use isocket. Your site gets listed on buyads.com, and they don’t take a cut from the ads that you sell (you just pay a small monthly fee). I haven’t actually used isocket to sell ads, but I’ve bought ads through them and the process is quite nice.

I think. You should try site trafficrevenue.net

I’m sure the OP has figured this out by now

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