What's preventing me from editing this site

i have to take over this site for the client. unfortunately, i can’t seem to make any edits within DW because the previous developer has a script preventing me from doing so. does anyone know what script is doing so and how to disable it?

From a quick glance at the code, it looks like there are editable regions set up in Dw. I don’t work with this sort of stuff, but I vaguely remember seeing that in action once. It has something to do with templates and/or library items in Dw.

Here are some quick links I just found:

Dreamweaver templates and library items tutorial
Dreamweaver CS3

HTH. :slight_smile:

It’s like Ralph said, only if you are using DW will it probably affect you editing the page created via the proprietary template. I have had - was forced - to use them before in an exam. Basically any other normal plaintext editor you can edit the markup with so all you need do is; edit out the DW specific template comments. Or use a different editor that doesn’t rely upon the template system.