What's incentive traffic?

I’m sorry all guys , just wondering , what’s the true meaning about "incentive traffic ".

please give some advice :frowning:


It is traffic that is given when people have a reason to go to your site, other then reading the regular contents.

For example, if I had showed a link to a gardening website, yet named the link “My gardening site has a free giveaway! $500 for anyone who clicks!”, people would click the link wanting $500, not because they wanted to learn about. So things like contests, referal schemes etc cause incentive traffic – traffic that goes to a site not because of its regular content, but because of an incentive.

well great , thanks GotMilk .

No problem. Oh, by the way – incentive traffic leads to MUCH fewer return viewers then other forms of traffic. It is NOT a good form of traffic, as people looking at the “$500” link are likely to leave when the contest is over.

its also misleading too…haha

Incentive traffic has it’s value. When done correctly, it’s like offering frequent flyer miles and IS a means of getting return business, or club points to encourage club members to shop at stores which offer the points.

yes, that is incentive but not a popular way. The real popular way used for incentive offers is, say you get $30.00 per action/trial sale of an offer.

So on your site you give a deal for your members saying they get $10 if they complete the offer, you bank $20. Basically paying people to complete offers

Advertisers adjust rates for offers based on what traffic the offer is getting. For this reason, non-incentivized offers always pay out way higher than incentivized. Then there’s the grey area of running non-incentivized popups on incentivized sites, which is another debate altogether.

Incentive traffic is a waste of time, and is normally used to build up someones traffic stats ahead of a sale or link sales / exchange.

I would much rather have less traffic, if it was genuine - with an interest in the sites content.