What's happened to themes?

Now getting a 404 page for https://www.sitepoint.com/themes

Have they been discontinued?

I felt they were priced too cheaply, maybe not enough profit to keep them going?

Hope they add more and continue support.

Hi cmb,

Yes unfortunately themes were not a successful product for SitePoint and as such we have removed them from the site. We did try a number of different price points but none were able to bring us a level of sales that allowed us to continue the project.



Will people who’ve purchased still be able to download? I think there’s been some updates, e.g. to woocommerce compatibility, since I downloaded them. I’ve not used all the themes yet, but would be good to have them available, with documentation and import artwork etc. Or open-source (freely) and/or make part of Sitepoint Premium? Too good to lose.

Greetings to you!

How can I download the purchased themes.

As per the Ecommerce theme it indicates last updated Feb 2018, where can I find this to download the same.

As you indicated that the themes have been discontinued, will these theme will no longer be updated for the existing customers?

I hope that SitePoint continuous the Themes with complete updates and more better designs in the future.


Hey All,

Yes you will still be able to download any purchased themes you can do this by going to your dashboard on sitepoint.com/premium

We did updated ecommerce last month to ensure it was updated with woocommerce.

cmb Yes I like the idea of open-sourcing the themes so I will chat with the team and see if we can get that done.


As per your link to go to sitepoint.com/premium, could’nt find the themes there.
Please advise.


So once you hit sitepoint.com/premium you then need to click on Dashboard in the top right of the Navigation. In your dashboard will be all the themes that you own.


Hit this link: https://www.sitepoint.com/premium/dashboard

Then you will see section like the screen shot below: