What's going to be the goal of Google Spam team in 2013?

Like in 2011-12 they have updated Panda & Penguin Algorithm so frequently which focused on more good quality back links along with good unique content due to which lots of web-sites had been affected. From my perspective it will probably be focusing more on unique written content. I want your opinions about what will the goal of Google spam team in 2013?

Google have stepped up their efforts to combat gaming and the focus of their attention, is on “bad” links. That doesn’t mean “good” links have become more important; it means it has become more important that your links are good, which is a major difference. Link importance has been going down for a while now and it is unlikely this will change any time soon.

From Google’s publications in the form of guidelines, blogs etc. it is very clear what their aim is: further reduction of artificial influence of serps.
This is done is done in 3 ways:
further improvement of algorithms to recognise high quality sites,
further improvement of filtering out blackhat,
manual intervention against sites that violate Google’s guidelines.
The latter is done both by actively penalising sites using blackhat, and also against sites abetting blackhat e.g. selling links.

Since Google’s foundation is based on quality contents and links, it will continue to emphasize them or else it will lose its large share of the search market. However, I think in 2013, Google will be focusing more on penalizing those trying to cheat the system through black-hat practices.