Whats everyones favourite language?

I just though I would start a discussion on what everyones favourite language was(and why). Feel free to back up with reasons :slight_smile:

Visual Studio 2010 is also available and some of the exams are now available for programmers who wish to keep their certifications up to date. It is likely that other exams will be produced and made available soon

I smell something, it’s called BS. Exams? Let me guess, it’s pirated…

Well, getting back on topic. My favourite language would be C#. It is easier to read, makes more sense comapared to other languages. There are more examples on the net in C# that other languages. VB 2 me is a dying language. As it comes from old school classic asp days.

I work with C# for a long time now. Used to work with php and Java before. Honestly C# on .Net is the best IMO.

Sorry USPatriot,

I was only trying to get members interested in the new certification and the technology itself. It has only recently come out. It was just to make members aware so they can keep up to date. Once the books come out then everyone can start studying frantically!

All the best everyone.

I will probably be lynched for it… but I like VB.NET, possibly because I’m lazy but also because I grew up on Basic 1.0 and evolved with the language at every step. :wink:

I’m in the VB.NET camp as well (at least there’s 2 of us againt the world Alex :D). Like it because I find it easier to read, I grew up with basic languages and I use it at work, so I guess that I’ve grown used to it.

ASP, C# are my favorite programming languages.