What's better.This or That

I probably know what the answer is going to be but just want to make sure

If I could get my link installed on the root pages of say a blog with 500 pages. The 1st page would have a PR of 3 but the rest 0.

Is this more beneficial than just individually targetting a lot less unique sites that have a PR of 3.

Basically are more links better than fewer links with average PR. e.g 100 PR 1’s against 10 PR 2’s

See, for linking, relevance of the page is far more important.

If you page is relevant to the linked page, you are going to get better credit for that. PR is the second thing to look for.

Just to answer your question, fewer links from pages with PR 3 would be a better option.

That’s interesting.

Thanks. I try only to get relevant links.

Although. I have seen a site in a similar niche rank high after lots of backlinks were created by obviously an SEO firm from completely non relevant sites.