Whats About Magento Seo

Guyz you have any idea about Magneto SEO .

That’s a rather vague question and, as such, is unlikely to get many useful replies. Is there a specific aspect of Magento SEO with which you need assistance?

If you’re just looking for general guidance, I suggest you do a quick internet search, as there seems to be plenty of information out there, such as http://yoast.com/articles/magento-seo/

SEO is more about your content than the CMS you are using. If your SEO focus is on CMS-specific issues (like how to set up add-ons for meta information or whatever) you will basically be on the wrong train. (I’ve noticed that the cheap, make-a-quick-buck SEO consultants tend to fuss over URLs, meta descriptions and keywords, canonical links and the like, but they pay little or no attention to the actual page content … because it’s hard, of course.)

One aspect worth noting with magento is that it can run quite slowly on poor hosting. Google has stated that page loading speed can affect ranking in a small percentage of sites, so from both an SEO, conversion and user experience perspective it’s worth making sure your magento site hosting is as optimal as possible.