What you need to know before you get hired?

Almost every mobile and web developers work as a freelancer after official timing. Met too!

My area in development field is very wide and i’m crazy to learn about everything and i still do. I still can recall when for the first time i was called in interview at odesk i was so happy but this happiness was for the time being because i could not convinced my first odesk client what he really needed!

I was so blunt lol…! Well Before you getting started as a freelance at any platform you must need to know about basic things which every client want to know from you!

  1. Listen to your client carefully what he/she says
  2. Your Area of expertise
  3. Understanding of project requirement
  4. Reason able price whether fixed or hourly
  5. Never agree to work outside of platform
  6. Make sure you’ll complete task in time you gave
  7. You must compromise with the rate as you know market is in tough competition
  8. Make sure your client to keep reporting as the work getting done
  9. Be polite and friendly and show your honesty
  10. When job is completed thank to eachother and give feedback accordingly

Hope these basic things will help you success in freelancer world!

Thanks and Enjoy

thanks for sharing this useful information these are the best point to keep in mind while you get hired

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