What wrong with my Galaxy S3

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A few of my cousins told me that many GALAXY S3 or S5 users here in India have the same problem with their phones…is it true?

Are there any Indians on this forum, who own a GALAXY S3?
if yes, then please share your experience or provide your expert opinion and advise.

Awaiting a favourable feedback…

Hi @rohanferns I’m curious to know why you felt the discussion couldn’t be continued in the other topic.

Why do you feel that being an Indian would make any difference?

Do they all have Facebook installed? Myself, along with some others, believe it’s because of the Facebook and it’s related apps (like Messenger)

@Mittineague I was trying quote the statement by @RyanReese, and created the new thread by accident.
As far your question of why I think that being an Indian would make a difference goes, I was told by someone, that the production of Samsung phones here in India often seem to have defects like overheating, battery problems, hardware problems, etc. but the phones like GLAXY S3 or S5 produced in other countries, don’t seem to have this problem.
I’m now starting to realize, that it could be false information.

@RyanReese Yes. Most Samsung android users here in India, do have apps like Facebook and Messenger installed. In fact, Samsung android users in my family use Facebook and Messenger without any hassle.

I don’t know, maybe it’s a problem with your hardware

Thanks everyone

rohanferns hasn’t been around since, so likely has found the answer

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