What would you typically take care of when writing ie7.css?


Title is pretty self-explanatory. Here’s how I handle ie6:

Now I’d like to have a little gesture toward ie7. What should I consider doing?


-jj. :slight_smile:


I have no special default code for IE6 as it doesn’t need anything specific until something goes wrong.:slight_smile:

A normal small reset will take care of IE6 at the same time as all other browsers so there is no need for duplication of code. I certainly wouldn’t have an IE6 only reset as that seems pointless to me and a maintenance nightmare.

IE6 does need help at times but I don’t see the point in defining anything until the need arises.

Targeting browsers with their own separate stylesheet is IMHO some of the most inept coding on the planet. There is NO legitimate reason to send different stylesheets or bloat out your markup with IE conditional comments for CSS. PERIOD.

Much less 5k of nonsense turning it into a general framework and NOT an actual reset. A simple sub 255 byte reset that can be sent to all browsers safely beats the ever living tar out of adding an extra handshake and bloating out the markup on every page and every browser.

But then, I can take most people’s pages that rely on that type of nonsense and redo it with a single stylesheet that typically works all the way back to IE 5.5 by following some simple coding rules.

Really that “universal IE6” bull looks to me to be the same type of idiocy as CSS frameworks – which as a rule of thumb defeat one of the reasons to even use CSS in the first place!