What would you do?>

My Dell Inspiron 9300 needs a new keyboard. Do you think I should replace the keyboard on the laptop or just buy an external?

Changing Dell laptop keyboards is very easy, and you can often [URL=“http://www.papatek.com/Dell-Keyboard/Dell-Inspiron-9300-keyboard.html”]buy them inexpensively online.

Whether it’s worth it or not probably depends on how old your machine is. My Inspiron 6400 is over 3 years old and has had 3 keyboards!

It’s pretty often that the manufacturers get laptops in for warranty service that need the keyboard or touchpad replaced, so they make them relatively easy to remove. Relatively easy to replace in a laptop is still a bit challenging as the cases tend to have a million tiny screws. An offbrand laptop I had used only tabs to hold the keyboard in place, it could be removed just by inserting a flat head screwdriver under some of the keys in specific points to pop out the tabs.

Have it replaced so your lap top won’t look crappy with an external keyboard :lol:


That’s how the Inspiron 6400 is, and looks to be the case for the one above too.