What would you do if you weren't doing what you do?

Good question…:slight_smile: I think i would do some interior decorator.

I keep fantasising about running a cute, little restaurant someday. So maybe something like that.

I love working in IT b/c the job I have now allows me to be a WAHM (I have one 2.5 year old son and another son on the way). But, if I did not have kids I’d be willing to work outside the home, so I’d probably use my History degree and work at a museum until I earned my MA in History.

A great question!
I could be a quality striker in football.

I would have handled my dad’s business or i could be a footballer

I would like to be on real state. It’s a good business and keeps you busy.

Now i am working in a software developer,but i would to like became a film director.I am sure it will give me great pleasure .

I am reading on statistics and i wan to be a statistician.

[FONT=Georgia]Nice! I’d gotten the chance to play with cinematography in 2013 and it is quite fun!

Are you into photography?[/FONT]

Wow. What does a statistician do? Conduct surveys? Or analyse the results?

A Salesman. I think being competitive is something in your nature… So if I wasn’t fighting the search engines to make money, id be fighting the public!